liberal bias in the media

The media is part of the establishment. The establishment hates change. The establishment has a world-wide network of agencies and they are all linked. This network is not democratic and they will come to the assistance of the establishment. The agencies will lie and misuse statistics to further the ends of the establishment and that includes thwarting the legitimate hopes of the people.

A case in point? Appointing Mister Ignatieff as leader of the Liberals. He was not elected. Is this democracy? How many out there are noticing how many agencies are coming to the front and presenting negative information that attacks our truly democratically elected government, putting the Conservatives in a bad light.

The Liberal party is the adopted political party of the establishment. It wasnt always like this but it is now. The Liberal party needs to be voted out of Canadian politics. This has happened in Europe and it should happen here. The Conservatives are our way out of this undemocratic situation. The Canadian voter needs to take control. l am interested in comments supporting my position.

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Liberal bias in the media

Yeah lets hear about it. Its rampant with the worse offender being the CBC. But CTV is not far behind.  Of the two, CBC in my eyes, seems to be a little worse. Some of the commentators on the multi stations of the CBC appear to actually cheer any bad news that might have some hope of adversely affecting the fortunes of the Conservative party. You can see it in their eyes and the tones of their voices. At times they can be actually gleeful at any knock on the Conservatives.

And how about Kevin Soliman over talking Conservative interviewees. He will ask what is usually a negative question and then during the response to his question, he always interferes and keeps over talking. Lets chat about this. l would like your input.

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